Friday Faves: De-stressing

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Favorite Fridays

Jen’s right in the middle of a move on top of all the other summertime activities; so, this week, she’s asking about favorite ways to relax.

For me, this is pretty simple. Since my husband has a massage table and took a form of deep-tissue massage as part of his martial arts training, a massage is my first choice for de-stressing. Unfortunately, he’s not always up for breaking out the massage table.

So my second choice a glass of red wine with some good television on DVD. My choice lately has been Grey’s Anatomy, which I just started watching last season (I had no idea what I was missing). I have bought seasons 1-3 on DVD so far to get caught up, and I’ve hinted strongly to my Mister that seasons 4 and 5 would make a great birthday gift.

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