Friday Confessions 8.17.12

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Because confession is good for the soul

I confess…

Last week I was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and I got to dance with Mr. Potato Head. The Mister and I were invited to an 80s-themed Olympics party, and we had a lot of fun.

Forrest Clonts Studio

I confess…

My birthday week is still going strong. This weekend we’re headed out with friends for Hibachi. I love some Japanese steakhouse, and it’s been years since we’ve gone out for it. Yum, yum, yum.

I confess…

My best buddy is coming into town this evening to spend the weekend with me for my birthday, and I have not done a thing to the house for him. There are new clothes all over the guest bedroom bed and the bathroom desperately needs cleaning. I am so planning on leaving work early today to get this taken care of.

At my birthday last year.

I confess…

I’ve taken to bribing myself to eat breakfast in the morning. (You may remember that is one of my August goals.) These days, breakfast has be eaten if I want that second cup of coffee or to stop by Starbucks for an afternoon treat. I don’t like that I have to bribe/blackmail myself into breakfast, but I’m going to do whatever it takes to establish the habit.

I confess…

I love my MIL. Not only did she take us out to dinner on my birthday Tuesday…not only did she bake me a carrot cake and make frosting from scratch…not only did she spoil me in birthday gifts (hello gift cards to Loft and Starbucks), but she also let me shop her closet this week. Her water heater is in the back of her closet, and it burst on Sunday. As a result we helped her haul a lot of clothing out (and the Mister tore the carpet out), and she and I went through a lot of it to send to live in my closet.

Now I know a lot of ladies that wouldn’t think of wearing their MIL’s clothes, but my MIL is hip. She shops at Chicos, White House Black Market, J. Crew and Loft. And now my fall office wardrobe is completely updated with new jackets, sweaters and tops without a dime out of pocket for either of us. She even hand-sewed new sparkly buttons on a denim shirt for me so it would have more “character.”

I am really blessed in my marriage. I have an awesome Mister and an even more awesome MIL.

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