Friday Confessions 6.8.12

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Mamarazzi is taking a little bloggy break to enjoy some summer fun with her family, but that’s no reason for the rest of us to skip our favorite linky parties. If you want to play along, grab the button, spill your dirt and link up below. Then be sure to go visit other the links and swing by Mamarazzi’s blog to tell her how much you miss her.


I confess…

Today is one of those days where it’s really too pretty to be at work. It’s sunny and 75 degrees outside, and I’d much rather run away to the beach for the day. Unfortunately, there is way too much work on my desk to be running away to anywhere.

However, I did get some really good news at the office yesterday; it’s a little too soon to share in a public forum, but if everything works out, it will mean great things for my company.

I confess…

I don’t know how some of you take such fabulous self-portraits on your phones. I tried and tried this morning because I wanted to show off my lipstick (I almost never wear red), and these were the best that I got.

What’s the secret? Is there an app that I need to download? Because seriously, it took waaaay too long to even get these two shots.

I confess…

That to-do list that I posted a picture of in my Happy List this week? One of the item that was on it was to sweep and mop the kitchen floor. Now, I don’t really like mops, so I usually just get on my hands and knees with a bucket and rag.

While I was doing this last Sunday, the Mister WALKED ACROSS MY WET FLOOR! (He seemed to think it would be okay if he was on the balls of his feet.) I almost made myself a widow because I was ready to kill him.

He’s luck he’s so cute.
I confess…

I was on the phone with my brother for nearly an hour earlier this week. I really miss that kid and wish that he and his wife didn’t live across the country. Of course, maybe that means it’s time to start shopping plane tickets, after all he does have a milestone birthday coming up in January.

My “baby” brother and I at his graduation several years ago.
I confess…

I tried a pilates class for the first time this week. I’ve done dvds at home before, but I wasn’t sure what skill level that would put me at in a class. That workout is no joke. My abs are so sore…no one was allowed to make me laugh yesterday. After pilates, I still had a two-hour jujitsu class, which ended with 20 minutes of grappling. Let’s just say I was extremely sweaty by the time I got home on Wednesday, but hey, that’s the sign of a good workout, right?

So what are your confessions this week? Please leave a comment after linking up and thanks for playing along!