Friday Confessions 6.24.11

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Because confession is good for the soul.

I confess…

The Mister has made me a tomato sandwich to go in my lunch every day this week, and that just puts a smile on my face. What’s even better is that the tomatoes come from our garden.  Today’s sandwich was made with this yummy garden gift:

It’s a persimmon tomato, and it’s supposed to be yellow. And it is YUMMY! I’m so thankful that my husband enjoys tending the garden so much as I really enjoy eating the produce from the garden.

I confess…

We’ve been having a great week celebrating the Mister’s birthday. His dad took us out for dinner on Tursday, his mom on Wednesday, and tonight we’re meeting friends for sushi.

Image via weheartit

Sushi is my favorite, and I’m so excited. We’ve reserved the tatami room, and it should be a blast.

I confess…

Eating out nearly every day this week has been fun, but next week I have to do better with my nutrition. I can definitely tell a big difference when I’m putting on my jeans. And let’s face it. When you live in South Carolina, you cannot avoid swim suits all summer. It’s just not possible.

image via weheartit

The ice cream social I attended yesterday for work probably didn’t help, but who can say no to ice cream?

I confess…

The first day of summer may have been Tuesday, but I don’t think that warrants 107 degree heat indexes. Seriously, it almost makes me consider moving back to Michigan, but I really don’t like snow and ice.

I confess…

I’m so glad that I’ve had time to blog again this week. I’ve been diligently reading in my spare time, and yesterday I caught up on all your lovely blogs. Though I may not have had time to leave too many comments.

And I was pleasantly surprised to find while I was away that some of the mommies-to-be had their babies. Congrats to Amber and Brittany Ann.

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