Friday Confessions 5.6.11

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Because confession is good for the soul.

I confess…

Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo yesterday turned out to be a fail. I got home and pulled out the tequila only to find that I didn’t have any margarita mix. And I wasn’t headed back out to the store to get any. So even though the Mister went to two stores to get avocados, we had milk with our quesadillas and guacamole last night.

I confess…

My niece’s 7th birthday was Monday. I still have no idea what we’re giving as a gift. I’m thinking that I might want to get on that before we head up to visit the family this weekend. By the way, who gave my niece permission to start growing up? It seems like yesterday she was just a baby.

The Mister’s oldest niece is getting married next week. That has made me take stock of how quickly time is flying by.

I confess…

I have ruined more food in the kitchen this week than ever before. Sometimes I go through these streaks where everything I try to cook is awesome. And other times…not so much. You notice that I said the Mister made that Cinco de Mayo meal before, right?

This week, I have ruined a roast chicken, burned a meal of fried rice with black beans and botched a batch of snickerdoodle cookies. On Tuesday, after two failed dinner attempts, the Mister finally made cereal at 10 p.m. to eat. I’m currently afraid that if I put my talents to work in the kitchen, I might very well burn the house down.

I confess…

I climbed up in the attic this evening to get some wrapping paper and other materials down. I wound up going through a box of old cds too. I found a couple of mix cds with my favorite songs from (get this) middle school! That’s a fun trip down memory lane.

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