Friday Confessions 4.22.11

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Because confession is good for the soul.

I confess…

I love driving a Prius…and I’m not ashamed to brag about the great gas mileage. This week, I got my best mileage ever…more than 500 miles to the tank! And I still have 1/4 of a tank left. Apparently, my car really likes Charleston too, or at least she likes the flat streets in Charleston.

It’s little small, but can you see the 508 miles? Yeah, I’m bragging; I don’t care. =)

And it’s a good thing that was such a good tank because I was so upset when I filled up. We stopped at one of those backcountry highway gas stations. The kind where gas is about 15 cents more per gallon than the rest of the state. And they charge you an extra 6 pennies per gallon if you pay by card. What’s up with that?

I confess…

While we were in Charleston, we stopped by the outlet mall. I was relatively well-behaved…except for shoes. In my defense, these were running shoes. I may have splurged a little in the Nike outlet. And one of the pairs was for the Mister.

Maybe this means that we’ll actually start running together again….we’ll see.  Of course, if we don’t it’s my laziness. He’s perfectly happy to run, walk, ride bikes, etc. Sometimes, he’s activity level makes me a little angry. He’s so much more motivated than I am.

I confess…

At least is still looked pretty

That wedding cake that’s been in the freezer for a year does not taste good. Who thought of this tradition? It’s not because it wasn’t stored properly. I know my MIL did a great job wrapping it up. I spit my one bite out. I think the Mister finished the rest of the slice, and then we through the rest out. We’ll have to go out for cupcakes this weekend to make up for it.

I confess…

I am too thrilled to be working only a half-day today. It was unexpected, but my boss said since the stock market is closed, he wasn’t sure there was anything for him to do in the office today. And left it up to me whether I wanted to work.

I really wish that I could get away with not working at all, but I can’t. There’s too much to do. So instead I will be happy with a half-day two Fridays in a row. And wearing jeans to work today.

I confess…

My bestest and I are toying with the idea of going to Vegas for a my 30th birthday in August. That is if I’m having a 30th birthday. That’s still to be determined; I might have a second 29th birthday. BUT if I have a 30th, we’re thinking about going to Vegas…pending approval from the checkbooks. If we do, is anyone out in blogland up for joining us?

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