Friday Confessions 4.1.11

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Confession is good for the soul.

I confess…

I’ve never said this before in my life, but I think I’m going to buy the new Britney Spears album. As of this moment, I have one Britney song in my entire iTunes library, but I have to say that so far I like both singles that have released off the new cd, and I’m very seriously thinking about buying it. (Rob, don’t kill me!)

I confess…

Inspiration photo from Women’s Health

I have an appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow. As of right now, the plan is to get my ends trimmed and have some layers cut around my face to give my hair more movement, but I’m tempted to just chop it all off. I’m really a wash ‘n go kind of girl, and having it short makes that a lot easier. I’m trying to resist temptation though because I’ve managed to not cut it short in six months and the Mister has never really seen me with longer hair. Ugh! Having hair ADD is no fun.

I confess…

Steve Madden Tai Wedge

These pretty pink wedges have been ordered to come live in my closet…and I’ve bought them in taupe. What can I say? I have to live up to the blog name.

I confess…

I didn’t play any April Fool’s jokes today, but I serious considered making meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting and sweet candy sushi

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