Friday Confessions 2.4.11

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Good morning. It’s Friday, which means it’s time for confessions. YAY!

I confess…

I considered sleeping on the couch last night because the Mister came home with a cold. What is he doing bringing sickness into our home? Eventually, I caved and climbed into the bed. I’ll catch his sickness if I must, but my bed is too comfy to not sleep in it.

I confess…

I’m really not a happy person when I can’t have coffee. I had to have my paramed done for my life insurance this morning. That means that I couldn’t eat or have coffee first. Peeing in a cup and having blood drawn before coffee is no bueno.

I confess…

I should have had that life insurance application in almost a year ago, and I’ve been procrastinating. I made the Mister purchase life insurance almost the second we bought our house. And here I am just now getting it taken care of…..shame on me. Tell me that I’m not the only newly wed who dragged their feet on getting life insurance in place.

I confess…

I also haven’t insured my rings yet. Nor have we done wills. I work in insurance sales, people! I’m such a bad influence. Do as I say , not as I do. If you’re recently gotten married or had a baby, go get your life insurance in place!

I confess….

I really don’t care about the Super Bowl this weekend at all, but I do want to see the half-time show. I’m sure that I’ll make a pot of chili, and we’ll find somewhere to watch the game. If nothing else for the Black-Eyed Peas…and Usher. I really like Usher.

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