Friday Confessions 2.25.11

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Confession is good for the soul.

I confess…
Work has been kicking my butt this week. It’s always like that at the end of the month, but this week it just seems worse. Maybe it’s because the weather has been so pretty that I just don’t want to be in the office. So I may be leaving a little earlier than I really should. You know that the means? It means I’m going to have to give my Saturday morning to the office to catch up.

 “Practicing tropical medicine in a third-world country is a different game…. You don’t have high tech, you don’t have big pharma—you have your brain, you have your instincts.”

I confess…
Dr. Ben Keeton from Off the Map is my newest crush. He’s just so darn hot, and I love his accent. =) Luckily the Mister doesn’t mind me having tv crushes. Actually, I asked the Mister to start watching the show with me because I thought he would like it, which he did. And I’m really glad about that because we haven’t had a show we watch together since Lost ended.

I confess…
I still haven’t picked gone through my chili recipes and decided which one I’m cooking for the cookoff on Sunday. I blame work, but the doesn’t change that I need to decide. And go grocery shopping. I really need to get that done tonight since I’ll be in the office tomorrow morning.

I confess…
I’m thrilled at how many entries there are so far for my first giveaway. I was hesitant to host one because I wasn’t sure that I could put a package together that people would want to win. Clearly, coffee is a good choice.

I confess…
I like playing this game too much on Facebook. I may need to seek out a support group.

I confess….
I don’t really want a Chrysler, but I am from Detroit. And I get excited every time I see this commercial. Imported from Detroit. Oh yeah.

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