Friday Confessions 2.15.13

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Good morning, lovelies!

Confession is good for the soul, so grab the button and let it all out. You’ll feel better when you’re finished.

I confess…

Yesterday, I tried this trick of using marshmallows as frosting for cupcakes.

That make work for some people, but I wound up with a big, sticky mess. I wound up feeding the cupcakes to the trash can. Maybe I bought the wrong size marshmallows…

I confess…

I really thought that we were keeping Valentine’s Day low-key yesterday, but the Mister had other ideas. As soon as I woke up he handed me a gift, and when we met for coffee yesterday, he showed up with roses.

I realize I’m a little bit spoiled.

I confess…

That after dinner last night instead of doing lovey-dovey things, the Mister and I practiced some of what I learned in jujitsu class this week. LOL. We’re nerdy like that. Don’t worry, no one got hurt.

I confess…

Today, rather than going to work, I’d love to play hooky, sleep for another hour. Then go get my hair cut and nails done. Unfortunately, that’s not going to pay the bills. I think I need a clone.

I confess…

Tomorrow is Brown Box Veggies day! I can’t wait to see what new produce we get in our box and start figuring out how to prepare it. Our last box had turnips, which I had never cooked before. It’s definitely a good way to expand my palette and kitchen knowledge.

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