Friday Confessions 12.9.11

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Good morning!

I confess…

I had this post written yesterday, but it didn’t save in my drafts as it should have so it didn’t get posted. That kind of irritates me, but I see the world is still turning so I’ll have to get over it.

I confess…

The Mister and I received our first Christmas card this week, and that made me think that I should probably decide if we’re going to send cards this year. I think I may missed the boat on getting some cute photo cards printed. I guess since Christmas is two weeks from tomorrow, that I probably better work on them this weekend if it’s going to happen.

I confess…

I’m ready for a weekend out of town. After all the work craziness (that finally ended on Wednesday) and all the holiday hustle and bustle, I really want to just go down to the beach for a weekend to relax. Unfortunately, we don’t have any weekends coming up where I can sneak away, and I’m trying to plan a bit of getaway next month, so I’m going to have to be happy where I am. But I’d rather be here:

image via weheartit
I confess…

I can’t remember the rest of my confessions from my original post yesterday. So I think I’m going to wrap this up and enjoy my coffee and go visit some of your blogs.

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