Friday Confessions 1.21.11

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Because confession is good for the soul.

I confess…

Image & quote from Real Simple

This week I can totally relate to this quote:

“She’s got this real funny idea about a diet: you don’t get fat if no one sees you eating.” ― Gloria Naylor

I won’t tell you what I’ve been eating, but let’s just say it’s not in line with my generally healthy diet.

I confess…

I also didn’t go grocery shopping this week, which may explain my food choices. My poor husband has been subsisting off cereal, PB&J and scrambled eggs. And yesterday we ran out of bread and milk. So I guess I better do the responsible thing before he threatens me with divorce…or his mother hears that I haven’t been feeding him. =)

I confess…

I haven’t worked out once this year. That’s not going to get me on track with my fitness goals. I can’t even blame it on the weather because it’s been pretty nice this week. I’ve just been lazy. I really need to register for a race so I’ll have a reason to move my butt.

I confess…
I went to bed at 9 p.m. last night and slept until 7 this morning. I’ve been mentally exhausted from work and needed the extra rest. But I’m supposed to get up around 6:30 so I was late this morning. With no shower or make-up. And I may be wearing a repeat outfit. I can’t help it. It’s comfy and makes me look extra skinny. How do you pass that up?

I confess…

I found a mix cd I made when I was a freshman in college and I’ve really been enjoying it. Even if it contains more than one song by Mariah Carey. And I totally car danced this morning to “The Thong Song.” It was fabulous.

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