Friday Confessional 7.29.16

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Good morning, lovelies!

It’s time for the Friday Confessional party. Confession is good for the soul, so stop by to share all your dirty, little secrets. You’ll feel better when you’re finished, and we promise not to judge.

I confess…

I realized this week that I have only 11 weeks until my blackbelt exam, and I still have SO MUCH TO DO!

Never mind feeling good about the physical ability to demonstrate the techniques, I have have to finish my notebook, renew my CPR and first aid certifications, get a letter of recommendation from my sensei, complete an ethics statements, get a background check completed AND compete in a contest of some sort.

I confess…

This also means that I have only 11 weeks before my massage exam as well. This is all getting a little overwhelming.

For this exam, it’s not the physical massage that worries me; it’s the anatomy that I just don’t feel like I’m absorbing. I think that I need a study partner.

I confess…

I’m working from home today since there is plaster repair happening at my office. Usually, the pups distract me when I try to work from home, but I’ve locked myself in the home office with my laptop and earbuds. So far, they’ve been pretty quiet.

I’m hoping to be wrapped up by noon so that I can do some re-organization in here. This is also my craft room, but there isn’t much space to do craft planning.

I confess…

Rather than working in my office, would much rather be watching Netflix and crocheting. My Etsy shop is in need of new items.

I also need to finish up my projects for the Yarn Bombing project. It’s hard to believe we start installing that in about a month. The summer is moving way too fast.

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