Friday Confessional 7.22.16 [The Mister’s Confessions]

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Good morning, lovelies!

I hope that y’all have had a fabulous week. As I mentioned earlier this week, I am at a jujitsu clinic in Chicago. Since blogging while traveling is challenging, the Mister has agreed to share his confessions with you. This is the first time since I started High-Heeled Love seven years ago that the Mister has written a guest post, so I hope you enjoy his confessional post.

I confess…


When I am asked to write things that others will see, I get anxious about my spelling and grammar. Somewhere in my younger life, I began to doubt and second guess myself whenever I write or type. Thank goodness for spell check and auto correct. They are both a blessing and a curse. Aubrey has suggested that I do more reading, she has told me that it has really improved things for her.

I confess…

I’m so excited that Aubrey is getting to travel to Chicago for a jujitsu clinic. I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t say I was a little jealous. Through several blessings, I was able to fly out to Sparks, NV for our National Convention. Unfortunately, the two of us couldn’t. It was really important for me that she was able to go to the Chicago clinic, so I have been hustling some side work to help out.

I confess…

I have been in the carpentry trade for almost two years. I have learned a lot and have developed the confidence to do some things for friends and family, but after tomorrow, I will be starting a new chapter in two weeks. I have over a decade of experience with digital printing and was fortunate to land a nice job with a company. For training purposes, I will be working first shift for two to three weeks, but after that, I will be switching to third shift. I’m a little nervous about the lifestyle changes and change in routines that will come with that schedule.

I confess…

Two big things are coming up in August that I am very happy about. Aubrey will be having a birthday and my niece will be getting married. I’m always happy for birthdays, but I’m super happy that my niece has met such a wonderful man.


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