Friday Confessional 6.3.16

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Good morning, lovelies!

Confession is good for the soul, so grab the button and let it all out. You’ll feel better when you’re finished.


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I confess…

This week has felt a bit off since we were off on Monday. As much as I enjoy a holiday weekend, it does make it hard to get back into the swing of things when I return to the office.

We started our holiday weekend last week by having lunch with my dad and my niece on Friday. Then I drove down to Savannah to meet up with Miss Angie from My So-Called Chaos and Kimi from Kimi Who? It was a fun afternoon even if a tropical storm was trying ruin the weather.

I confess…

This silly pup figured out how to unlatch the gate with his nose this week and has had a few lovely races with the Mister around the block. We’ve put a lock on the gate now, but he definitely gave me a scare.

I confess…

Ninety-five percent of the time, I love my office location. But this is graduation week, which means that the public from the high school across the street has been illegally parking in front of my mail box, blocking my drive way, loitering in my yard and being careless of litter.

I don’t want to be the lady who tows cars while someone is trying to celebrate a student’s achievement, but this is a place of business. My property isn’t open to the public.

Blah! It’s a good thing it’s Friday. I’m thinking, I’ll have to find a free donut for National Donut Day to get over my grumpiness.

I confess…

I have massage class next week, and I haven’t done nearly early hands-on practice. The solution is a spa day with some girl friends this weekend. One friend will be making lunch and mimosas. One friend will bring her manicure kit. And I will be giving massages.

I am so lucky that my friends will volunteer their time for me to finish my massage homework. They aren’t complaining either.

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