Friday Confessional 5.29.15

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Good morning, lovelies!

Confession is good for the soul, so grab the button and let it all out. You’ll feel better when you’re finished.


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I confess…

On Memorial Day, we were expecting that the Mister would have to work. I had full intentions of taking my not-an-adult day. At the last minute, his boss gave him the day off at the last minute. So, we headed up the road to spend the day with my family at the pool.

It was great to see my parents. They only live an hour away, but sometimes life just gets too busy.

Memorial Day Catch-Up [Friday Confessional at High-Heeled Love]

Unfortunately, my nephew had a fall, so my step-sister and her husband were gone at the urgent care most of the afternoon getting him stitches in his chin.

I confess…

The monster puppy decided that he was going to eat my swimsuit bottoms, which is just cruel because now I’ll have to go swimsuit shopping before I can head out to the pool again.

Roscoe the Monster Puppy [Friday Confessional at High-Heeled Love]

Moral of the story, I now have motivation to fold my clothes and put them away as soon as they come out of the dryer. See, he’s making me better all the time.

I confess…

Stamping our Pit Bull Stereotypes via Dogly [Friday Confessional at High-Heeled Love]

Speaking of pups, I submitted a photo via Dogly as part of their campaign to stamp out pit bull stereotypes. My photo wasn’t selected for the Buzzfeed collection, but check out all the pups who were.

I confess…

Yesterday, we went shopping at Buy Buy Baby for a friend’s shower this weekend. Can I just say that store is my version of a nightmare?

Instead of being laid out in aisles like other stores, it’s floor to ceiling displays of baby items in rooms/zones. It makes me very claustrophobic. (And I realize that Buy Buy Baby is the same company as Bed, Bath & Beyond; I get uncomfortable in there, too.)

Boon Grass Drying Mat [Friday Confessional at High-Heeled Love]

That said, we picked out the Boon grass drying rack, which I just discovered is half the cost on Amazon [affiliate link]. If I ever have a baby, I’m registering there instead. Naturally, I’d spend the difference in costs in shipping if I ordered it now – such is life.

I confess…

I’ll be attending a leadership class at a conference next month, and I have about 200 pages of our book to read in the next couple weeks.

Leading at the Edge [Friday Confessional at High-Heeled Love]

We’re reading Leading at the Edge, which focuses on leadership lessons from the shipwrecked Antarctic expedition lead by Sir Ernest Shackleton [affiliate link]. The book is really good; I just have a hard time reading about sub-arctic temperatures when it’s supposed to be summer time.

I’ve finished lesson one of ten; I better buckle down this weekend.

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