Friday Confessional 5.13.16

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Good morning, lovelies!

Confession is good for the soul, so grab the button and let it all out. You’ll feel better when you’re finished.


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I confess…

The other day, I got to jujitsu and found that there were no underwear or athletic shorts in my bag. I usually try to wear boy shorts rather than whatever pretty lacy stuff I have on because I have heard stories of someone getting pants-ed during some of the more complicated throws.

I totally made the Mister loan me a pair of his boxer briefs. Wearing men’s underwear felt kind of ridiculous. Which do you think would have thrown the guys for a loop more in the event of a wardrobe malfunction – my Victoria’s secret or me in boxer briefs?

I confess…

Speaking seriously about jujitsu, I think I’ve officially begun prep for my black belt exam. My training in the last two weeks classes has been running some specific lists in anticipation of testing; during some classes, I’m being “quizzed” for name recognition. I’ve also identified some “problem arts” that I want to fine tune to feel more comfortable before the test.

On Wednesday, we started discussing possible partners (we called it an uke) for who I would demo the arts on during my exam. This whole situation is getting real, and even though the exam isn’t until October, I’m starting to get butterflies in my stomach from test anxiety.

I confess…

This has been a busy, busy week, but mostly because I almost fell behind on my massage homework. We’re now at the point in our class where we have to give a specified number of a practice massages between classes.

There was some confusion about whether these had to be on students from the dojo who have already taken the class or whether we could work on friends and family. In the last three days, I have given five practice massages. I have one more scheduled tonight, and then I’ll be all caught up for our class tomorrow.

I still think I must have been a little crazy to take this course, which culminates in an exam the same weekend as my black belt exam.

I confess…

In between all of the work, jujitsu, and massage, I’ve been trying to finish up some new items for my Etsy shop. These pretty flowers are simply waiting for some photos before they get listed. Then I’ll be working on a few pieces for July 4th.

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