Friday Confessional 4.29.16

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Good morning, lovelies!

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I confess…

This has been an interesting kind of week. I alluded to changes at work in yesterday’s post, but didn’t want to get into it. Basically, a stream of income has been “temporarily” cut from my business starting at the beginning in June.

I fully expect this will become a permanent change, which means I’m evaluating parts of my business model and exploring ways to grow my other lines of production. I was pretty stressed the other day when the announcement was made, but I’ve had time to process and get some perspective so it’s not so scary now.

I confess…

I’ve decided this should be a kick in the pants to be more serious about some business goals that I have. When I took a leadership course a few years ago, we created business plans and 5-year goals. I haven’t been as dedicated to those goals as I should have been. I’ve re-committed to several of them, and luckily, the Mister is willing to help hold me accountable.

I confess…

I met up with our local group to work on our yarnbombing pieces or other projects. It’s been so nice to meet up with a group of ladies and chat over coffee and yarn.

Amongst the ladies, I was the only one who wasn’t knitting; it was kind of fun to answer some questions about crochet. My yarnbombing piece is about halfway done.

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I confess…

I had to take a break from jujitsu the week after taking several hard falls on Monday. Sometimes working out with big strong guys isn’t a good thing…especially when they don’t really how much strength they’re adding to a particular technique.

This is exactly why there is a healing curriculum taught in our system as well. When you train hard, dings are a part of your future. Luckily, I was able to get my neck adjusted during Wednesday’s class and felt much better afterward.

I confess…

I’m behind on my homework for the healing course. I still have to give nine massage treatments before our next class in two weeks. I think my Mister is going to enjoy me getting caught up.

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