Friday Confessional 3.13.15

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Good morning, lovelies!

Confession is good for the soul, so grab the button and let it all out. You’ll feel better when you’re finished.


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I confess…

There have been a lot of early morning this week for work, which is a good thing. But it was nice today to not be in rush to get to a meeting and snuggle with my puppy over coffee.

High-Heeled Love: Friday Confessional 3.13.15

I confess…

It seems like this has been the week of babies. About four of my friends have had babies this week; so, my Facebook feed is full of chubby cheeked newborn photos. I’m just loving this sweet girl; it’s hard to believe that she’s nearly eight months old already.

High-Heeled Love: Friday Confessional - Sweet Baby Em

I confess…

As part of the process of building a budget for my March goals, I’ve been loosely participating in the March No Spending challenge. I say loosely since I have a vacation planned at the end of the month, and it would be no fun to not be able to go out to eat while in Austin.

High-Heeled Love: Friday Confessional - No Spending Challenge (12x30 challenge)

So far, I’ve done pretty good. I’ve only caved twice – once for crochet/knitting magazines (which are from the UK so I have to get them when I find them) and once for lunch yesterday since I had about a 10 minute window on the way back from the post office.

I confess…

On the note of that vacation. I received a package this week from Janna that included the book 100 Things To Do in Austin Before You Die (affiliate link). I need to look through it this weekend to see if there’s anything I need to add to our rapidly filling itinerary.

Janna has promised I will need a vacation from my vacation. I can’t wait.

Also included in that package was a mini heater for my Jamberry wraps. Staying out of that Spring catalogue is probably one of the best things I can do for the No Spending Challenge.

I confess…

I’ve picked this crochet project back up. It’s got to be done this month because it will just be too hot to work on a blanket before long. What should my next project be?

High-Heeled Love: Friday Confessional - Bobble Stitch Blanket [crochet]

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