Friday Confessional 12.7.12

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Hi everyone!

I didn’t see a Friday Confessional post from Mamarazzi this morning, so we’ll just keep the party rollin’ here at High-Heeled Love for now. Please feel free to grab the button and share all your dirty, little secrets.

I confess…

I get really irritated with stupid drivers. I’ve talked about this before, so that’s no surprise. But last week, I saw something that really took the cake. I watched a car make an illegal left turn out of the liquor store and then proceed to run a red light. What really shocked me though when she passed me was that I could see a baby seat strapped into the front passenger street! Seriously! I wanted to get out of the car at the next intersection and give her a piece of my mind, but I refrained.

I confess…

This week has been crazy as far as work goes. I did finally get AT&T to turn my phones on (without going to jail), and it has been non-stop since then. Luckily, today is the last day of the Medicare enrollment period so things will calm down next week. Thank goodness.

I confess…

I have just about managed to wrap up the holiday shopping and do it without buying too many gifts for myself along the way. I’d much rather save my money for vacation.

I confess…

Now that we’ve moved me into the new office, I absolutely MUST do some cleaning and laundry at home. Mount Washmore is quickly turning into a laundry mountain range, and it’s getting kind of embarassing. And my husband can’t be expected to make scrambled eggs for dinner again this week.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!

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