Friday Confessional 1.3.14

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Good morning, lovelies!

Confession is good for the soul, so grab the button and let it all out. You’ll feel better when you’re finished.


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I confess…

Last weekend, I sprained/strained my ankle in jujitsu. It was pretty swollen and I took it easy on Sunday, but I was feeling better by Monday; so, I wore these fabulous babies, which were a Christmas gift from my brother and sister-in-law.

Apparently that was a mistake because now I’m swollen and bruised again; so the Mister and I are taking it easy with champagne and pizza.

I confess…

Despite the injury, I’m jones-ing to get back to class. The dojo has been closed all week, and I can tell I haven’t been working out. Despite the fact that my ankle needs the rest, my attitude needs the physical exertion.

I confess…

In other news, the Mister and I went last weekend to the Toyota dealership and traded my car. I am finally back in a Prius, and I love it. But surprisingly, I haven’t taken any pictures of the new car.

I confess…

I had one of those work appointments today. I was helping the some potential clients handle some additional government paperwork online as a courtesy, and it wasn’t working out. And the man kept telling “how valuable” his time was.

This is not the first time I’ve run into this attitude, but I work for myself too, and when I’m providing a service just to help someone out, that attitude is kind of insulting. Like my time isn’t valuable to me and my clients….it really makes me wonder if the words would have been the same if I were man.  (Work pet peeve #2: men who feel the need to crush my hand when I introduce myself and shake their hand….and I don’t have a pansy handshake either.)

I confess…

Santa brought me a fair-weather kitten for Christmas. A kitten (probably about six months old) ran up to me when I got out of the car the other day and followed me up on the porch. She has no collar, but doesn’t appear to be a stray (definitely not feral). She’s happy to see me when I get home, but I haven’t seen her the last two days.

I bought her some food at the grocery store, but won’t be taking her to the vet until I’m sure that she’ll be sticking around. I learned my lesson with Muggles a few years ago, who never came home again – No broken hearts this year.

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