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Some of my readers also follow, my sister-in-law Mireya’s blog, Pearls & Such. If you do, then you read about this a couple weeks, ago, but since this cause is so close to my own heart, I’m going to write about it again and ask for you help.

I’ve never really mentioned it on my blog before because the subject is so personal. When I was very young, my mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and when I was in high school, she passed away from the disease.

I’m sure that it seems like every time you turn around, there is a fundraiser for one cause or another. I wish that I had the money to donate to each one that I came across, but unfortunately few of us unlimited expendable income. However, I always try to donate or volunteer when a friend or family member participates in any event that benefits the National MS Society.

In April, Mireya, my brother and some other family and friends will be participating in Walk MS to help raise awareness and funds to help do away with the disease and provide support for people and MS and their families. They have named their walk team TEAM KELLY after my mom. So far, they have meet 25% of their goal.

I rarely ask for help of my readers, but I am asking now. Please put some heartfelt thought into donating to their team and spreading the word to your friends and families. It would mean a lot to me and my family and to all the other people whose lives have been touched by the disease. Here is a link to their team page so that you can donate if you’d like: Walk MS 2010: Team Kelly

Thank you!