Flat Tires, Air Guitar and Puppy Tricks [Musical Monday]

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

You know the kind of Monday morning where you need a good fun song to start your week? Yeah this that kind.

I started my day off with a trip to my mechanic because yesterday morning, I came out to find a flat tire. It was raining. Actually, my tire pressure light was on Saturday, and I had it checked out at a local tire store and was told everything was fine…which is why I hate that my mechanic isn’t open on the weekend.

Anyway, I’m lucky my Mister was willing to put the spare on yesterday. This morning has been successful – the nail is gone, my tire is patched, and it wasn’t too painful on my wallet or schedule.

And since I head out on vacation this week, I am choosing a fun song with a fun video for Musical Monday. Check out the air guitar skills of the motel manager.

By the way, my dog does tricks too – like pulling down my potted herbs and eating them. He’s lucky he’s cute. Happy National Puppy Day!

High-Heeled Love: National Puppy Day 2015

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