Five Things on National Puppy Day

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Today is National Puppy Day, which honestly is every day in our home, but I wanted to take a few minutes to share why I’m thankful that we adopted our fur babies.

1. My pups are always happy to see me. Even if I just walked out the door and then came right back in because I forgot my sunglasses, me walking in the door is a celebration for them every. single. time.

2. I never have to sleep alone. It doesn’t matter if the Mister is out of town. It doesn’t matter if I’ve moved out to the couch. I have a snuggle bug who loves to spoon and snuggle.

3.  I never have to worry about anyone sneaking up on me at home. No person, cat or squirrel is walking up to my front door without an alert from our resident alarm system.

4. There is never an excuse not to exercise. We can even say the words “walk” or “outside” without a huge scuffle of paws and tails in our house.

5. There is always a willing volunteer for quality control in the kitchen. Whether they should or not, the pups are too happy to wait for a sample of any new recipe.

Share your puppy love! I want to hear about the best dogs in your life! Tell me in the comments.