Five Questions Holiday Style

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Carrie at The Carrie Gland tagged me for this holiday questionnaire last week, and I thought it would be fun to save for the week of Christmas. Feel free to take answer the questions on your own blog if you’d like.

1) What makes Christmas such a special holiday for you and your family?

Christmas is one of the few times of the year that my long distance family and friends are in town. It’s nice to spend time and make memories with my loved ones who don’t live near me anymore. 

2) Were you told the truth about Santa Claus by your parents or did you find out another way? And…do you plan on lying to your kids (if you have them or plan on having them)?I found out from a “parent,” but I don’t think she thought I still believed in Santa Claus at that time. As far as whether we’ll play along with the Santa Claus myth, I really don’t know yet. Haven’t ever asked the Mister what he thinks so I guess I should talk to him.

3) Real tree or fake tree?I prefer a real tree, but until this year, I set up my table top artificial tree that I bought back in college. Now we have a live potted Norfolk pine that we bring in every year for the holidays. It’s probably going to be too big next year…we’ll see what happens then.

4) Do you open presents on Christmas morning, Christmas Eve, or both?LOL….I stink with presents. I gave the Mister his gift as soon as it came in the mail a couple weeks ago. But in all honesty, we do both. Usually, we have Christmas Eve at the Mister’s mom’s house and open presents there. Then we do Christmas Day and sometimes the day after Christmas with my parents and the Mister’s father’s family.

5) What is your favorite Christmas movie to watch? Favorite Christmas song? Oh, I love Home Alone….and for some reason, the Harry Potter movies remind me of Christmas. So I like to watch the first two or three of those as well. My favorite Christmas song is “Carol of the Bells”…I particularly like the version on the Home Alone soundtrack.

I don’t generally get into tagging people, but if you want to play along, feel free to leave a comment below letting me know.