Fit for Me Thursdays: Workout Routines

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#FitforMeThursdays is a linky hosted every other Thursday by Health Not to NutBurke Does and She is Joyful to help motivate each other to stay on track with our health and fitness goals.

This week’s theme is workout routines.

Workout Routines [#FitforMeThursdays at High-Heeled Love]

Since I take martial arts, the routine there is pretty much to show up for scheduled classes.

Most weeks that means evening class for 2 hours on Monday and Wednesday. I try to get in for at least one day class if my work schedule permits, usually on a Tuesday or Thursday. We also have a 4 hour black belt class, which I can attend as brown belt though sometimes our sensei will bow me out early if the class moves into techniques that are too advanced my level.

I dug way back into the archives for this video from when I was a white belt. If she were on the mat with me today, I’d holler at her to bend her knees and get lower for that throw.

Because class is offered so frequently, most weeks I’ll get 4-6 hours martial arts training. This pretty much covers my strength training needs.

So let’s move on to the two other areas that I’m training to improve: flexibility and running.

At this point, I don’t have routines in either area. I’d like very much to establish a yoga routine of about 30 minutes per day.

I can’t decide if I would be better suited to start my morning fresh with yoga to help start the day with energy and focus or if I want to do it as part of my bedtime routine (to help quiet my mind at the end of the day. Do y’all have any thoughts on this?

Workout Routines [#FitforMeThursdays at High-Heeled Love]

With running, I’ve actually set myself some goals and a schedule for this month. I’m hoping to have a regular routine in place by the first part of October. With the heat and humidity of South Carolina, this has to happen first thing in the morning, and running first thing should be really good for the dogs.

Workout Routines [#FitforMeThursdays at High-Heeled Love]

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Fit for Me Thursdays

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