First Things First

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First Things First
I noticed this fun meme over at Miss Carrie’s blog, The Carrie Glad, and thought it would be fun to play along this week, so I’m linking up for my first First Things First party with Halie and Hallie. 

The firsts this week included…
First Trip Out of the Country – In my case, we could safely call this my only trip out of the country. When I was younger, I rode with my parent from Michigan across Canada to Niagra Falls. We then proceeded to drive down the coast back to South Carolina. I am hoping to take the Mister on this particular drive one of these days. This was in the days before 911; sadly my passport remains stamp-free. Even more sad, my first passport expired with no stamps.
First Major Purchase – I think that would have to be my first car, the fabulous 1994 Pontiac Sunbird. It lasted me about eight months before the reverse gear in the transmission died, but I paid every single penny (including my insurance) myself.
First Thing I Learned How to Cook – I’m not sure on this one, but I’m thinking scrambled eggs. Or at least I remember watching my dad make these as a kid, and I make mine the exact same way. The key is milk; I whisk that into my eggs. Man, I love some fluffy scrambled eggs.

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