Feeding the Shoe Habit

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I love the Mister. One of the reasons why is that while he may not understand my shoe habit, he doesn’t make me feel bad about it. In fact, at this point he’s feeding it.

A couple weeks ago, he came home with a website for me to check out – Shoe Dazzle. Basically, I spent five minutes selecting the items you like best amongst sets of shoes, purses and jewelry, and Shoe Dazzle creates a showroom each month with a selection of shoes, purses and jewelry based on my tastes. And every item costs $39.95.

That’s my kind of deal. So I wasted no time making sure these babies came to live in my closet.

Now I wear a size 10, and my feet are wide. So I rarely buy shoes online because I worry about the fit, but these were just right. They aren’t super, super high quality shoes, but for the price, I’m a happy camper. Plus, the site gives me suggestions on what to wear with my happy new shoes.

And I already have my eye on at least three other pairs, but I’m trying to practice patience and moderation.

Wouldn’t these look great on my feet?

If you want to learn more about the site and how it works, head on over to Shoe Dazzle.

This isn’t a sponsored or a paid post. I simply wanted to share what I considered to be a fun, affordable way to buy shoes with my readers. However, if you do join using my link, I will get points, which can be used toward free shoes down the road. Don’t you want to feed my shoe habit? =)