Excuse me?

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I may be opening a can of worms here, but I’m going to put it out there anyway.

While I was in Delaware last weekend, several of Kate’s friends wound up coming over and having a few drinks with us. Most of them were also doctoral students in chemistry or another science discipline.

Surprisingly, most of had also spent some time living in either South Carolina or Virginia. And eventually a joke was made in regard to the difference between “Southern” and “Nothern” mentality…which led to a few references to the Civil War. There was one student who was not American, and she asked a few questions since she wasn’t familiar with our Civil War.

I was only half paying attention when I heard one of the guys (who is from the South and had family fight for the Confederacy) explain to her that basically she should look at the Northern states like North Korea today.

Um, excuse me?

I was quick to tell him that I didn’t think the two situations were at all parallel. At first he tried to argue, but when his girlfriend agreed with me, he finally stopped.

What do y’all think? Anyone else find that illustration to be a little extreme? Maybe he had had one too many cocktails.

Normally as a Yankee transplant living in South Carolina, I usually actively steer away from discussion of the South versus North, Civil War or slavery. Until recently, I didn’t even think my family lived in the U.S. at that point. Turns out, I was half right. My father’s family didn’t come over until the 1880s, but on my mother’s side, it appears that we had ancestors who helped settle Connecticut in the 1600s and fought in the Revolutionary War.