Don’t worry be HAPPY and thankful

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I feel like I’ve been slammed lately. Can’t think of the last time that I got a blog post written on time. It seems like I’m playing catch up all the time these days…

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…which makes me think that I really need to do a quick little Happy List to remind myself to appreciate that I have in my crazy little life.

1. I am HAPPY and thankful for some fabulous ladies who co-host with me on the blog for The Weekly Round-Up and Wino Wednesday. Thank you, Miss Angie and Danielle for covering my rear when I’ve been so absent lately. I promise to do better next month.

2. I am HAPPY and thankful that my job keeps me busy. Since I work for myself and I’m in sales, I’d really be in trouble if work were slow. I know I always get a little crazy in October, November and December with Medicare annual enrollment, but seriously, the alternative is so much worse.

3. I am HAPPY and thankful that I live in a country where I have amenities like electricity, internet and running water. Our city had a major water main break yesterday and the city was without running water for 18 hours. We just finished up boil advisory. But there are so many parts of the world where clean water isn’t an everyday thing, and I can do without for one day. (Though I’m also thankful that I was able to wash my hands and face at the sink today instead of from a gallon jug.)

4. I am HAPPY and thankful that I have a healthy body. I have been so sore from jujitsu because we’ve been working hard in class, but I see clients all the time who can barely get up the three steps to my office without worrying about falling. I want to stay active as long as my body will allow.

5. I am HAPPY and thankful that I live in a neighborhood where we have community projects. A fellow board member and I are wrapping up a big fundraiser for our local museum this week that has required a lot of work, but we are lucky that our neighbors are generous and value our local history. And we have so many good people who pitch in to help with with work.

6. I am HAPPY and thankful that the Mister and I live close to family and have a good relationships with our parents. We always feel spread a little thin at the holidays trying to spend time with everyone, but there are people whose family isn’t close (physically and/or relationship-wise). We are thankful that we have more invitations than we can accept rather than the other way around. And I’m looking forward to multiple Thanksgiving celebrations throughout the weekend.

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And I’m HAPPY this man loves his nephew so much. He’s going to a great daddy someday.

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