Do y’all remember Jami & Jodi?

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 If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you should.

Jami is a South Carolina blogger that I met last year. Her sister Jodi was diagnosed almost a year ago with Acute Myelogenus Leukemia. She and her parents moved to Houston for about six months so that she could undergo treatment at MD Anderson. Luckily for Jodi, her sister was an exact match for a stem cell transplant, which cured her of cancer. Jodi has been cancer-free for more than six months now.

Over the last year, I’ve asked my readers to support Jami & Jodi by praying for the family, supporting the fundraising events to help pay for care and travel costs, donating plasma and sending Jodi re-Birthday cards on her transplant day.

 And today, I’m going to ask you to consider supporting them again. Jodi & Jami are part of a Relay for Life Team. The event is a month from today. Would you consider helping them meet their fundraising goals?

  • Jodi has a little over $200 left to meet her goal of $1500. You can donate online to help her HERE.
  • Jami is at the beginning of her goal of $250. (I think she can easily blow $250 out of the water and get to $500 or more.) You can donate online to help her HERE.
  • The team as a whole needs about $1500 to meet their goal of $5000. You can donate online to help the team HERE.

Not all families are as lucky as Jodi’s was. Anything you can give will help families around the world get one step closer to never facing what Jodi’s family went through.

Thanks for your help!

Want to leave some verbal encouragement? Love leave on Jami’s blog Bowling Adventures and Jodi’s Caring Bridge journal.