Dear Google, I promise I’m not a spammer.

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I’m just beginning the process of changing my name because I got married. Part of that was a creating a new gmail address that didn’t reflect my maiden name.

Since it has always been so easy to link all my google tools to my old address. I thought it would be a simple process to migrate everything to my new “married” email. Maybe just an account setting where I would update my default email address.

Alas, despite hours of searching, I have not been able to locate such a setting or link. So I am now manually re-following all my wonderful blogs with my new email. And manually updating every one of my subscriptions. And manually changing everything over in my google docs and calendar.

It has been quite a tedious process…especially since you are insisting that I complete a captcha at every turn.

Please take pity on me. I haven’t even started the actual paper trail of changing my name with the Social Security office or the DMV or all my bills — and already, I am burned out.


The newly married Aubrey S.