Color Personality: Reds & Oranges

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Real Simple emailed me this fun quiz to figure out what my color personality is. The idea being that the colors a person wear or decorates with tells a lot about their personality. My results say that I’m a Fire Personality.

Image Source: Real Simple

Fire personalities, drawn to reds and oranges, are vivacious, charming, passionate, tend to attract people, and do not shy away from attention. Their emotions are strong and their moods shift quickly. But they can also be touchy and quick to anger, says Gillian Rose, a New York City–based interior-color specialist Color Our World.

According to Rose, the study of color and personality is age-old, based on the theories of the ancient Greek physician Galen, who designated four personalities he linked to bodily fluids: choleric (yellow bile), phlegmatic (phlegm), melancholic (black bile), and sanguine (blood). Early physicians and philosophers came to assign colors and characteristics of the natural world to these four temperaments; they aligned cholerics with fire and red. (Note that the category that you fall into according to the quiz might not reflect you 100 percent: Many people are a combination of categories.)

  • “If you surround yourself with warm colors, you are generally more outgoing. Red and orange push forward in your vision: Their wavelengths are actually longer, drawing more attention,” says Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute and author of the Eiseman Color Blog. 
  • “Red is a stimulating color that actually raises heart rate, appetite. Red is power,” says color expert Debbie Zimmer, the director of communications of Coating Materials for Dow.
  • “Someone who wears something bold, chic, and likes color will definitely be more open to warm, bold tones in their home,” says Polly Lewis, a co-owner of Boston-based Lewis Interiors.
  • If you want to take the quiz too, click HERE to take the quiz yourself. Please leave me a comment if you decide to post your results. 

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