Chasing our Wildest Dreams

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I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams the last couple weeks. A couple weeks ago, the Mister and I spent a morning discussing this question:

What do we want our life to look like as we building together? More specifically, what do we want it to look like in 3-5 years?

We pay my business off in 4 years, and once we meet the financial goals we’re setting through our Financial Peace class, we will definitely have more choices. If we’re going to stick with the budget goals that we’re setting for ourselves, we have to identify our why. We have to know our dreams.

Chasing Our Wildest Dreams [Musical Monday at High-Heeled Love]

For me, paying off the business is the benchmark that allows us to start a family. Those payment dollars can either allow me to hire someone so that I can be away from the office more or replace the Mister’s income so that he can be home.

And this is the point where we begin to consider moving. We love our current house and neighborhood, but we’ll need more space if we’re growing our family, and we want more land.

My Mister wants to farm. He wants to live more sustainably with things like solar panels and rain collection systems. He wants a greenhouse, a potting shed and a workshop. If we try to do that all on our current property, it will be very crowded.

One of these days, we’d also like to have our own jujitsu dojo. In five years, I should be of rank to teach, so it’s pretty realistic to think that we may have students of our own. And if we move away from town, we may not be close enough to make it regularly in for the classes we currently attend.

So, we’re dreaming. We’re dreaming big.

We are dreaming about a farmhouse with acreage in the country. Something with enough land for him to get his hands in the dirt. Something with room for a family to grow and guests to visit. Something with a space for my home office and our own jujitsu program.

Chasing Our Wildest Dreams [Musical Monday at High-Heeled Love]

I guess all this rambling is to say that we’re trying to create a plan. Because you have to begin with the end in mind. You have to make a plan if you want to accomplish your dreams.

I don’t know if this song quite fits the theme of the post, but the title sure does so it is today’s Musical Monday choice. I was surprised when the Mister told me how much he liked this Taylor Swift song. He’s been a really good sport of regarding my girl crush on Miss Taylor. I’m sharing the video because I think it’s visually stunning.

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How does your life look in 3-5 years? What dreams are you working to accomplish?

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