Blog Star: Hi, I’m Aubrey! (September edition)

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Hi lovelies!

Welcome or welcome back!
The first Tuesday of September came quickly this month since we had a long holiday weekend to kick September off. If you haven’t been by to visit from the Blog Star party before, feel free to catch up with my previous Blog Star posts:

Anyway, here’s the sixty second version of me:

  1. I live in South Carolina, and I root for the Gamecocks. College football just started last week, so it will be consuming a lot of my attention the next couple months.
  2. I love shoes, coffee, wine, craft beer (especially porters and stouts) and music.
  3. My husband is a bit of a hippie, and he’s rubbed off on me. I joke that we’re a little bit granola because we garden, recycle, compost and try to eat locally grown food. He/we have a garden blog, A Little Seed Grows, but it’s in dire need of an update.
  4. High-Heeled Love is a little over three years old; it’s started as a wedding blog. I’m not a mega blogger, but I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along that way. I’m open to helping newer bloggers out, so please feel free to drop me an email if you need help with something.
  5. I aspire to be a runner, and I’m signed up for the Color Run in Charlotte. (I’m going to need something more ambitious than a 5K next, so please feel free to suggest a local 8 or 10K.) Also, I’ve been taking Danzan Ryu Jujitsu for about a year. My husband has been training jujitsu for 12 years; he’ll be testing for this third degree black belt this fall.

Well, that just about wraps me up for now. Thanks for stopping in. If you want to find me elsewhere, here are High-Heeled Love’s other social media links:

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