Blog Star: Hi, I’m Aubrey! (July edition)

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Mrs. Monologues

1) Where the heck are you located?

I live in South Carolina, and I’m a South Carolina Gamecock all the way! Yay, for football season next month!

2) How old are you?

I’m pretty sure I can rock 29 for about the next five years.
3) What is something that you are passionate about?
Um…shoes =) I’m also a lover of family and music. And I want to erase multiple sclerosis and breast cancer off the face of the earth.
4) Favorite book?
I can only pick one? How about a trilogy or three? I love the Kushiel’s Dart series by Jacqueline Carey; there are three (nine books) trilogies in total. I think they give the Fifty Shades trilogy a serious run for it’s money.
5) Morning or night person?
I’m a night person, but I used to be a morning person, and I want to get that mojo back. In the the meantime, I will continue my love affair with coffee.

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6) What is one fun/unique thing about you?
I have a degree in French, I don’t have the opportunity to use it so my skills are fading too quickly. However, the more wine I drink, the more the French comes back to me, and I still need to visit Paris.
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By the way, I borrowed these questions from Mackey Madness. She posted them last month, and I saved them for the next Blog Star linky.