Beer and my waistline…

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….have a love-hate relationship.

I’ve talked before about my efforts to fit into my dress. Part of that was giving up beer, French fries and fast food for about four months before the wedding. And it worked, I was down two dress sizes for my special day.

Let’s just say that since then, I’ve been a little more lax, and it’s starting to show in how my pants fit. That isn’t cool and will have to change as I’m standing in a wedding in October. The cut of the bridesmaid gown is similar enough to my dress that I know what needs to happen here.

Should I go on another beer hiatus? That’s so darn difficult when there are so many occasions during the summer when a cold beer just hits the spot. Besides, I really want to try this beer, featured in my Real Simple daily find email today:

After all, I’m a big fan of the other New Belgium beers, especially Fat Tire. New Belgium’s beers have only been available in South Carolina for about a year, and I haven’t ever seen this one in the stores, so I don’t even know if I can get it, but it sure sounds good.

*Sigh* I guess if I want to keep my beer this summer, I better get off my lazy bum and get back to working out. No matter how hot outside it is. (BTW, it’s 104 degrees today.)