Baby signs…not quite yet

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Today I got an email from The Nest with the subject “7Signs You’re Ready for a Baby” 
I’ve talked before about how the Mister and I seem to be getting that baby question a lot since we’ve gotten married. And I thought it would be a fun blog to see how many of these “signs” apply to us.
1. You’re not totally bored at a friend’s baby shower.
I’m not totally bored at baby showers. In fact I think they’re kind of fun, but I’m not taking mental notes (as the email suggests) on what gifts I’d want to receive at my own shower. But for the sake of argument, I’ll say this sign applies. 
2. You can tell a Bugaboo from a Mclaren – and you have a preference.
Um, I have no idea what either of these brands are. I’m guessing strollers since that’s the photo that accompanies this sign. 
3. You stop noticing cute dogs. (and kittens)
Yeah, no. We all remember that I tried to adopt a kitten a few weeks ago. My fur babies are still my fur babies. 
4. You’ve perused the aisles of A Pea in the Pod just for fun.
I’ve never heard of A Pea in the Pod, nor have I perused there. The only time I’m looking at baby clothing is when I’m shopping for a baby shower.
5. You’re less interested in Christian Louboutins, and more interested in the name Christian.
 LMAO, uh no. And I don’t think that even when I get pregnant I’ll become less interested in shoes than I am now.
6. You figure out when you’re ovulating and feel a thrill when you and your husband have sex on those days — even with protection.
I’ve never paid attention to this, though I used to have an app that would tell me. I used it to track when my special friend was due. 
7. You crave the pregnancy glow.
Okay, I’ll admit, I do think women are pretty cute when they’re pregnant and just beginning to show. And I’ve wondered what I’ll look like at that point, but I don’t crave it. 
So to sum it up…1.5 of 7 signs apply. I guess I’m not ready for a baby. No surprise there.
Did this list help anyone else realize they are/aren’t ready for a baby? Share below. =)

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