As the weather changes…

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I went out to my car this morning, and it was COLD! I know I’ve been saying I’m ready for fall to get here, but I think I’ve changed my mind. =)

Does anybody else get a cold every time the weather changes from hot to cold or vice versa? I almost always do…and it’s time to start drinking more hot tea and staying on top of taking my vitamins so I don’t wind up sick in a major way.

This may seem kind of random, but since the seasons are changing, I thought it was kind of neat that Kleenex is letting you send a box of tissues to a friend or family member to have on hand during cold and flu season. I sent one up north to my bestie Kate…I know it’s already starting to cool off, and I don’t want her getting sick while she’s working on her thesis. If you want to share, you can visit Kleenex’s website by clicking HERE. (Be patient, the website runs very slowly.)