Anniversary week: Some days…

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I work for myself, and I do sales for a living. So I recognize that some days…no, some weeks, some months are just crazy. And I have to take care of things and get the job done, and that doesn’t always leave a lot left over for me time.

That was March.

But this is April.

In the leadership class that I’m taking, we had to create a set of guiding principles. The rules we’re going to live by and run our businesses with that we will not compromise on. This was one of my principles:

I will recognize that taking care of my family and business means first taking care of myself.

And I’ve been striving to do that this month. It started on the first day of the month. I booked a massage to help let go of the stress of March. I’ve joined some fitness challenges and (albeit slowly) started back to a running program.

Today I was in need of a little pampering. So I sneaked out of work about an hour early to come home and draw a bubble bath. Those thirty minutes of soaking in the tub with a hot cup of tea and a magazine while I could hear the rain outside the open window were just what the doctor ordered.

Oh, and I’m still loving sharing some wedding photos for our anniversary week. Here’s today’s favorite:

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