Anniversary Week: Everything Has Changed [& Musical Monday]

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This Taylor Swift song is all about new beginnings to me, and it reminds me a little of when the Mister and I first started dating. And since this week is our anniversary week, I’m going to share a story.

We initially met at a sandwich shop where I was working a second part-time job the year after I graduated college. He worked around the corner and would come in for lunch, but I hadn’t really taken any notice of him.

When the Mister first asked me out, I was looking for a relationship at all. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t very pleasant to him on our first date at all. Let’s chalk it up to having dated a series of jerks just before meeting him and a serious heartbreak in college, but I’m surprised that he asked me out a second time.

My roommate kept asking me after the date if I was going to go out with him again (she recognized what a good guy he was), but I kept saying I wasn’t sure I was interested. I didn’t even know if I thought he was cute.

Anyway, while we were out on that first date, he mentioned a Miles Davis album that I said I have never heard of. I came into work a week or so later, and the owner said that the Mister had dropped a cd off for me; it was a copy of that album.

I gave it a good listen but decided that the album wasn’t really for me and decided the next week to stop in at his work and give the cd back. By that time, the Mister had called and asked me out a few more times, but I had excuses….mostly work as to why I couldn’t go out with this guy I wasn’t even sure I was interested in.

That afternoon everything changed. I walked into his store, and he was standing behind the counter with a coffee in his hand. There was a beam of sunlight that was coming in the front window, and he was standing right in the middle of it, and the sunlight made his eyes shine. I had never see such pretty, sparkling blue eyes, the whole situation just took my breath away.

I couldn’t even tell you what we said to each other. I just remember almost floating along the sidewalk back to my car. My stomach was completely aflutter, and I just knew that this man was going to be very important in my life.

Thank goodness he called me at work to ask me out again that week…and that time, I had the sense to accept.

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