A Cause I Believe In: Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk

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Every couple months, I mention a friend who is supporting a cause that I believe and ask my blog friends to help her out. Some of you follow these ladies too, and therefore, you already know about this. But for those of you who don’t, please take a few minutes to read this post and consider supporting their efforts.

Dallas 2007

Janna and Amy are participating in the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s 3-Day Walk. The foundation raises money to fight breast cancer.

I don’t think there’s a single one of us who doesn’t personally know someone who’s been impacted by breast cancer….for the Mister and we recently lost a friend and previous co-worker of mine who succumbed to breast cancer after more than a decade of fighting.

Boston 2008

Participants in the 3 Day walk 60 miles over the course of a weekend. They also each raise $2300. It’s a huge commitment to fight a disease that affects us all.For Janna, this walk in Washington DC will be her fifth walk. By the time she finishes her 60 miles in September, she will have raised more than $11,000 to fight breast cancer.

Atlanta 2009

That means that Jules’ Warriors needs to raise $4600 collectively….they’re going to have to rely heavily on the support of family, friends, and community to help them meet these goals. I know that money is tight for everybody these days, but since most of my readers and blog friends are ladies, I think we owe it to ourselves, our families and our children to support this cause.

Chicago 2009

I have about 170 public followers…if we all donated $20, then Janna & Amy would be more than halfway to their goal.If we all donated $50…or the cost of a new pair of heels, they would raise nearly double their goal. This would also be a great time for some of the Etsy shop owners to donate an item or portion of proceeds to the cause.

Who’s up for the challenge of stamping out breast cancer? If you want to support the team, you can visit their fundraising page directly by going HERE. You can also contact Janna directly to get an address if you’d prefer to mail a check.

Spread the word. If you’re supporting Janna and Amy, please grab the button and spread the word.