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August 2012

It’s Kickoff Day!

To borrow from a friend’s FB status: Do you remember when you were a kid and you would count down the days to Christmas? On Christmas Eve, you would be so excited you could barely sleep. You’d wake up really early and run to the […]

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Musical Monday: True Believers

Darius Rucker’s new single released today, and I’m really enjoying it. Since Darius is a South Carolina native, the local country station here in Columbia is playing it every hour. If this song is any indication of the rest of his album, which releases later this […]

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Friday Confessions 8.24.12

I don’t have a whole lot to confess this morning…mostly, I’m preoccupied with football starting next week and our trip to Michigan. So I thought I’d share some of the things that the Mister has shared with me on Facebook. He says they make him […]

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Happy List 8.21.12

1. At the tip-top of my HAPPY list this week is great friends. We had an awesome time for my birthday dinner on Saturday, and that completely because my friends are awesome. There aren’t picture to share; we were having too much fun to stop […]

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