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June 2012

Friday Confessions 6.29.12

I confess… I threatened last weekend to put one of the dogs up for adoption. Last Friday, I took a half-day at work so that I could bake a cake for the Mister’s birthday. I decided at the last minute to make cupcakes instead. Now, […]

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Coast to Coast Blogging: How Fun!

Yesterday, I came across this fun blog networking idea, and I wanted to share it with y’all. Shane at Whispering Sweet Nothings created an interactive blogger map. You enter your blog and location, and she creates a little pin for your blog on the map. […]

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Chick Flicks

The Mister sent this to me yesterday, and it was too good not to share: The Wizard of Oz In other news, I can’t wait until Saturday when some girlfriends and I have a date to see Magic Mike. I’m really looking forward to the […]

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Happy List 6.26.12

My Happy List might be going up a little late today, but there’s plenty to be HAPPY about. 1. First it makes me HAPPY that the Mister said he would join me for the Color Run. Registration for the Charlotte run opened a few minutes […]

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A Special Day

Source: Real Simple via pinterest I just wanted to take a moment to wish my Mister a very Happy Birthday! I love you, babe! If you’d like to leave him so birthday love, too, tweet him at @dshawman5.

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