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December 2011

Baby signs…not quite yet

Today I got an email from The Nest with the subject “7Signs You’re Ready for a Baby”  I’ve talked before about how the Mister and I seem to be getting that baby question a lot since we’ve gotten married. And I thought it would be […]

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Happy List 12.20.11

Hello my friends. I’m not feeling well today, so I’m going to keep my Happy List pretty simple. Here’s what’s making me smile this week. I didn’t buy it, but I wanted to. My best buddy’s handiwork The Mister was kind enough to let me […]

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Shoe Lust Saturday 12.17.11

At our neighborhood association meeting this week, a couple of neighbors who have a little more life experience than I do were teasing me about my shoes. Apparently my choice of footwear reminded them of the platform days from the 70s. In light of that, […]

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Friday Confessions 12.16.11

Because confess is good for the soul! It’s Friday!!!! I’m not quite sure why I’m so excited since I have work to do over the weekend, too, but I am. I can’t believe there’s only five work days before Christmas. It’s time to confess all […]

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Who Knew?

I heard this on the radio this morning and thought it would be interesting to share: Reindeer are the only animals who can see ultra-violet light. It’s a defense mechanism so they can see things like a polar bears against a snowy backdrop. Reindeer can […]

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