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February 2010

Favorites Friday: Vacations

Jen at A Girl in Pearls &  A Boy with Toys has introduced a new blog feature, Friday Favorites, and invited her readers to join in. On Wednesday she will give a topic, we use that for the subject of our Friday post. This week’s […]

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Guess what?!

This morning started off sleepy and stormy. I wasn’t feeling going to work, but I’m awfully glad that I did. Because this morning, I got online to find that the Mister and I have won another contest! Our photographer hosted a giveaway on her blog […]

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Snowed In

 About 7:30 in the evening Like almost all of the nation, we got snow over the weekend. It’s a rare thing for us to get any snow to speak of in South Carolina. It’s even more rare for it to stick, but on Friday afternoon, […]

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